Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday's Gone

I've fallen a bit behind. My excuse is that Tuesdays are always full of life. The beginning of the week, everyone's getting their balance back at work, including me, and there's always something going on around our house when I get back. My morning consisted of tracking down some rental info and getting that taken care of. I'm working at anticipating problems and solving them before that need to be solved.

We had a meeting for men in our neighborhood in the evening. Several folks showed up though fewer than had said would come. We had a fine meeting anyway, some good thoughts were shared, we prayed together and kicked off this phase of our life in the neighborhood well.

After that we came in to a wonderful meal prepared by Gretchen; some amazing white sauce and chicken and mashed potatos. It was a sight for a sore stomach, I can assure you. We chowed down and cleaned up and then sort of lounged into the evening. The women were doing women's group and their taxes and the guys did some reading and then watched a cheap-thrills action flick.

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