Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The work week begins!

I could have had an easier morning. One of the trailers full of boxes that arrived at our door this morning was mislabeled. I decided to throw boxes from one belt to another over a set of rollers for about 90 minutes to alleviate that problem. The rest of the day was pretty relaxing though. A bit of paperwork, two great conversations about our work and our life with a couple of smart businessmen, and then a nice heaping dose of fun with the HH. I figure, the more of the People of Praise I can spread around the better and that certainly happened today.

This evening Val and Ken joined us householders for a Mudbugs game. The Bossier/Shreveport Mudbugs are a semi-pro hockey team whose home rink is in Bossier, just across the river from Shreveport. It was a very fun game; we saw three fights, 4 regulation time goals, and polished the whole thing off with a victroy via shootout. And we got more Mardi Gras beads!!

To tie up the evening, we retired to the women's house for some Death by Chocolate. David narrowly escaped death, I think I've been mortally wounded and Brian is barely conscious. It was wonderful. Now, having laughed at death in the face, I'm prepared to face some slumber.

Oh, and we have a minivan. For keeps.

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Karen Marie said...

Sounds like it was a valiant fight with the dessert... or was it more like sweet surrender? Have a good one.