Sunday, February 25, 2007

The sigh of relief

Aw yeaw! The day of rest. This morning Nathan said that God knew what he was doing when he started that tradition. I actually had a hard time adjusting to relaxation today. It took me a while to figure it out but by 1400 i realized that I was just too keyed up. I wanted to have an agenda to attack and there wasnt one. I did fine though, did a little reading, ran some errands and that helped out.

We had a barbeque with a family in our neighborhood today. Sausage, ribs, chicken, lovely. Liz made some scrumptious potato salad and we had beers and pops and Nathan's mom's mac & cheese too.

It was nice and warm, sunny, and a bit of a northerly wind. I played catch with Eric, a kid who's friends with us. He's pretty good as it turns out, though he did throw one that i followed, blinded by the sun, into a big bush. I got a little bloody but the bush is fine, dont worry.

The guys and Ruth left for the branch meeting while the women had women's group with Lacondra. At the meeting Ron gave a talk about personal prayer that got a very positive reaction from the branch. I liked it too.

The Missionary Company, of which I'm a member, had a conference call at 7:30. Nick recently put up a wiki for us to use and we had a kind of walk-through session on how to work with the website. I bumbled through our side of it, made a few mistakes, but we've got a lot of smart people around here and I think they learned everything they needed to know anyway.

Wrapped up the evening with some Winnie the Pooh followed by Hot Chip, my new favorite band, as well as some Ratatat. Michael Busk has told me I must check out Broken Social Scene so that's on the list as is the Rhapsody "Lollapalooza 2006" playlist which features several bands that I already like.


Rob said...

Excellent choice of Ratatat. Mike Grill and I went to see them and The Faint perform last semester for $15. It was a pretty sweet concert. Nice job on the postings, I really enjoy reading them.

Thomas said...

Great job on this and all your posts, Joshua. Very enjoyable reading.

ol dad