Thursday, February 15, 2007

First One

Today began and ended with prayer. We held a vigil to pray for our neighborhood, each of us taking one hour from 10pm Wednesday to 6:30 am Thursday. My handoff to Liz went better than it had last week during the vigil and prayer was better for me too. After morning prayer we talked a bit about might have been the Howells' house. I got to work a little late, 7:15 or so, and started off the day well. By lunch I had caught up with most of my filing and was ready to soak up info on machinations of the region from Greg Grimes and Tim. After I got back I finished up some work, made a complete list of my morning responsibilities since I had forgotten to update the graphs this morning and didn't want to make that mistake again.

At about 4:30 I left work and went straight to the Powells to see if they still needed a space heater. Shauna, their granddaughter, was there and she told me that they did. I said I'd be right back with one and went home first to pick up the wireless router to return to Best Buy. I told Nathan about my talk with Tim and Greg and then left for Best Buy and Lowe's, where I hoped to buy the heater. I did not check for the CD in the router box so I couldnt return it and Lowe's was out of heaters. I went to Wal-Mart and they were also out of heaters so I was on my way to check out Home Depot and the other Lowe's when Liz called for a ride. The Maxima died just as we got onto 49 so we called David, then called AAA. I waited for the tow truck and David picked up Liz. The tow truck driver was a nice guy and I tipped him 5 bucks.

Brian picked me up at Broadmoor Garage where I left the Maxima and we got home in the middle of Nathan's presentation on "Words that Work". The household saved me some dinner (great soup and bread and salad!) which I ate while listening to Nathan prepare us for our foray into the neighborhood. Joan and I went to Marilyn's house on Maple and had a good conversation with her. Joan was able to connect with her because of their shared teaching experience and their continuing education. She mentioned the neighborhood "fading away", talking to the elderly, talking with the whole community. I offered to come by next week when she was more free and she was happy to make that arrangement. Liz and Brian talked with Ethel and Carolyn Hawkins. Both were fairly full, good conversations. Carolyn was excited about a neighborhood newsletter and prayer meetings. Gretchen and David did not meet with Miss Illinois and Cathy and Tom talked very breifly with Linda through the door. Nathan walked and prayed around the neighborhood.

We had a powow about the whole thing and then various configurations of us talked about what we wanted to do in the future in the neighborhood. I mentioned wanting to do more with kids which turned into us thinking about younger kids (playtime kinds of stuff), middle school kids (more hanging out with us less playtime) and high school kids (quality hanging out and joining PoP).


Nate said...

I note a distinct dearth of pop culture references, esoteric trivia, and general sexdrugsrockandroll in your blog, and moreover... wait is this a serious blog? Okay I'll keep reading. FOR NOW, BUDDY.

Naomi said...

Funny you mention a discussion about kids. The focus of my pediatrics class right now is to see everything through the lens of the developmental stage the kid is at in order to determine how to care for them best. It has given me new insight into how to best interact with them - access their psyche - catch their interest. It's amazing what comes back to me from our childhood as I learn the patterns of the different ages! I think grabbing the interest of kids - having them be excited about our life - will bring an vivacious, new dimension to our life and an essential longevity of our city.