Monday, February 19, 2007

My day off

Mondays are days of wonderful productivity for me and today may be the crown jewel of them all. Here's the timeline:
6:10 - prayer
6:30 - MP
7:35 - drive Cathy to work
8:00 - Dentist appointment
9:30 - drop off prescription order
9:40 - drop off The Marine and Insomnia at Hollywood video
9:50 - make oral surgery consultation appointment
10:01 - exchange one broken wireless router for one new one
11:15 - pick up prescription
12:30 - lunch with Ken Kuehne, Nathan and Gretchen
1:45 - pick up Toyota minivan at Broadmoor garage with Gretchen
2:00 - meet Gretchen at WiDMO on the way back to Toyota dealership
2:45 - drive back to Yale street
3:00 - help figure out how to make thousands of dollars move to the right places
4:10 - go with Ken and Nathan back to Broadmoor to pick up the Civic and the Maxima
4:25 - arrive at WiDMO to get check from David that needs to be deposited before 5
4:44 - deposit check
5:10 - go to take Cathy home from work
5:55 - go to Seitzes for dinner
6:45 - help with dishes
7:15 - help set up for the Allendale meeting
9:00 - pay credit card bill and start finances
9:30 - meet with Nathan, Tom and David to talk about the book of Judges
10:20 - finances

What a day!


Laura said...

Thanks for all of these posts keeping everyone updated on things happening in Allendale. Man, I am so excited to hear all you accomplish in ONE day - it's really HARD CORE! Praise GOd :) ...this example of you and your household has given me motivation to revamp my schedule and be more productive with the 24 hrs God has given me!

mseale said...

ohh... oral surgery?! Mee tooo! Wisdom teeth removal on March 9th. what did the doctor order for you? In common life- gotta love it!

Anonymous said...
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