Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday, The middle

Not for everyone, surely. But the middle of my work week. The halfway point. All downhill from here. The fulcrum on which turns the week. It's appropriate at this time to note that I collect idioms. A conesieur one might say, a sampler of linguistic oddities. A peddler of the melded craftwork of etymology, tradition, and common sense. I like words. Tons.

So this day was full of activity. The morning consisted of some intense prayer for our neighborhood and our neighbors and our work to lift them up. We planned on going out to visit some of the folks who live near us and we prayed for them and for us that we'd be able to make more and better inroads into their lives and that they would speak the word of the Lord to us. Then we parted ways for our jobs and looked forward to the time when we could be back together.

From the sounds of it Widmo had another good day. David told us a story of how he got a door at the shop and sold the same door to a customer 2.5 hours later! What a salesman. Joan was able to have a successful conversation with a fellow teacher and clear up some confusion that the two of them had been experiencing. Nathan invented a good meal: scalloped potatoes, white sauce, ham and chicken layered in a 9x13 pan and sprinkled with cheese. It was delish. We've floated a few names: the Delish Dish, 2/22 (today's date). Any other ideas?

Of course this meal was enjoyed only after we had all gone for our walks in the neighborhood. We talked to a whole bunch of our neighbors; we made some new connections, solidified a few more, and generally proclaimed ourselves and Christ into the neighborhood.

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