Monday, February 26, 2007

Slow to rev

I had a pretty slow, pedantic day today. Pistons did not fire in unison, chemicals did not produce the expected solution, the package did not make it to the right doorstep the first time. Not to say that there was failure; "no failure in Christ" is a phrase we like to cling to down here. However, it was not like last Monday.

No doubt I've become accustomed to a fairly high level of productivity over the past weeks. As I planned for today over the weekend I knew it was going to be slow. I was prepared for lots of empty space in my day and I was prepared to fill it. Several wonderful books have recently come into my sphere of influence and I planned to do a lot of reading today.

Love and Friendship by Jules Toner, Choice Theory by William Glasser, The Adventures of Tintin by Herge, Gear by Doug TenNapel, the Bible by...well, lots of people. These all recieved a great deal of attention from me today as I swapped them out, one after the other, with a great deal of help from coffee.

I was eventually involved in some more active pursuits. I took Mickey to Widmo for work, went out with Nathan, Tom and Brian to invite men to a meeting tomorrow and then made my way to dinner. We had some encouraging encounters with some men in our neighborhood and I'm optimistic about our meeting.

Joan did excellently well on her final, 96%!! This brought us all great joy. We rejoiced. Together. And with her. We also had a good meeting with the Allendale folks, hashing out some details on our message as the People of Praise to our neighbors. Everyone was tuned in and we ended the meeting by praying for Ruth's leg and saw some results! We hope for much more on that front.

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