Saturday, February 17, 2007

Last day of my week

On Saturday mornings our household meets with the Seitzes to talk about our upcoming week and our plans for the day. As People of Praise events go, this is pretty standard. However, I was dragged away from out meeting by a call from my boss. Since I work Tuesday through Thursday I often have to leave these weekly meeting early. Tim, my boss, expected me to come in at 7 but I wasn't planning to come in until 8. He is a good manager though and gave me a call on my cell to express his confusion. I went in. Oh well, none of Ruthanne's breakfast for me.

Wrong! Joan showed up about an hour later with a plate of eggs and an English muffin. It tasted great. I was able to eat my fill and work for several more hours on a satisfied stomach. I got home for lunch in time to see Brian and Tom working on the floor for the shed we're going to be using behind 1446. They were busy cutting plywood and nailing it onto the frame and I left them to their work.

Nathan was preparing David's birthday dinner and we chatted for a while about what we needed to do to make that happen. He was preparing a meal of salmon and some crazy yogurt/mint dish at the time and I needed to do some shopping so I left.

Shopping completed I returned to work. There was some filing and organization left to do at the terminal and I needed to lock up for the evening so it took me a while. I finished up and headed home...just in time to head back out with Liz. We've been tracking down leads for used minivans in our area and had found a pretty good deal we wanted to check out. Liz and I drove over to the local Toyota dealership and had a conversation with James, the sales guy, and took a test drive of the Sienna minivan we were thinking of buying. Things went well and we are going to take it into a mechanic that we trust on Monday for a check-up.

When we arrived back at home Nathan was still preparing dinner. That's a good sign. At 7 we started our celebratory Lord's Day of grilled salmon, vegetables, and a wonderful salad complete with carmalized walnuts. The food was amazing; Nathan is an excellent chef. We had a good conversation at our table and then proceeded to 1446 for the donut cake. David' favorite dessert is donuts and we made a pyramid of them with a candle on top that he was man enough to blow out.

We honored him for his imagination, his creativity, his dedication and his love. He's an essential element of our work and our life and I think we all spent some time wondering what we'd do without him.

We wound down. We had some more donuts and some ice cream and watched a movie and relaxed. Tomorrow is a day of rest and we intend to keep it that way (as much as we can).

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Dan said...

Heck Yes! A tasty, traditional David Zimmel Doughnut Cake! I love those things so much.

Thanks, Josh, for all the great inforamtion. I'm enjoying reading every bit of it, and glad you still keep up on Popular Science.