Saturday, February 24, 2007

The work-week ending

Ah, the sweet smell of Saturday night! I know few better; maybe bacon and eggs and toast on a cold, snowy morning with a hint of the fire burning in the fireplace would beat it but it's hard to say. For sheer reliability Saturday night's smell is nice.

I'm assuming our Saturday morning breakfast with the Seitzes went well. I was unable to make an appearance because of my work schedule so that's too bad. It was a pretty exciting workday actually. A storm rolled through our area that beats out every other storm of the past two years in terms of ferocity and damage. There were high winds, gallons of rain, and at least one tornado. I watched from the second story of our office while rain was whipped over the ridgelines of near by buildings. Thick and heavy as waves over the gunwales of a ship it snapped and curled over corrugated tin sheds and around trucks in our parking lot. Tim's wife called him to say that she woke up late and looked out the window to see house in their neighborhood without roofs, privacy fences replaces by red-clay trenches. The tornado left some traces of its passage.

Gretchen and Cathy held the second Camera Club during this part of the storm. It wasn't nearly as bad in our part of the city. They stayed inside '46, out of the rain, for the first part and then took advantage of the corruscating sky as the jagged tail of the storm crinkled its way across this part of the globe. Cathy was glad to dive into something she loves. It's been a rough week at the office. Her camera arrived via FedEx (though not very smoothly; I need to look into that) and that was a great blessing for her as well.

Joan's been studying very hard. She's got a final on Monday and has to bear down on her material to make this class relinquish the "A" is been guarding until now. She sort of holes up in the back of '46, does her version of Emo Phillips' cramming, and emerge on the other side of Monday with an excellent grade.

Gretchen's been steadily plugging away at her work in the office. I believe the latest version of the Partners in Service newsletter is nearly finished. She takes no small joy in the Camera Club that she and Cathy founded.

Brian spent today working on a coffee table that he's putting together with material from Widmo. He's had the opportunity to use several of his favorite tools: the planer, the router, the hammer, the brain. He was the subject of several Camera Club photos.

Thomas and David worked their tails off through the storm down at Widmo. I recieved and gave a call to David regarding the weather; whether he and Tom ought to stay at work was up for grabs. They did, had a productive day, got home on time. David came home for lunch just after I did and told Nathan and I a story about the headaches that can accompany retail business. He had a horror story of an insane but monied customer making an incomplete and therefore intenall inconsistent order. That, I can assure you, and so could David, is extremely frustrating.

Nathan's been working hard at the coordinating-lots-of-activities business. We had barbeque planned for Saturday; then it was on Thursday; then it was next Saturday; then it was back to this Saturday; and now it's Sunday. He's a marvel of flexibility and level-headed leadership. I've been fortunate to have some good conversations with him during my lunch breaks this week.

We had a nice, easy pizza dinner. Homemade pizza of course. And beer. It was nice. A bit of tense conversation about the broken public education system during dinner was ended smoothly and we all relaxed to a movie and some dessert. It was a nice way to end the day.

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