Saturday, February 17, 2007

The day before the weekend

Friday is a good day in Allendale. We always manage to pack a lot into it. Today we made some serious gains on the housing/building front. The Lakeshore warehouse has moved closer to completion as has 1434. Brian spent the day tidying up the electrical messiness of '34 and it is now ready for the official inspection. Also, we had Pioneer Heating and Cooling out to install HVAC at '34 which they did in short order (1 day just does not seem like enough time but they did it).

We were hoping that all the Civic needed was new park plugs. After a couple days of not securing the proper tools we finally borrowed a set from John Thomas and replaced the old ones. Unfortunately, it still won't start. So we now have two cars in the shop, the Maxima as well as the Civic, and boy are we glad that we got AAA coverage! Free towing is a nice feature and we have needed it this past week.

And, best of all, the post-work week relaxation began! I made some chicken pot pie for dinner which turned out pretty well. Without even taking time to finish the dishes we all went down to Val's for evening prayer. This was a first and it worked pretty well. Brian played some old J-T favorites and we sang and prayed together. Mickey and Larry wanted to show Brian and I their weight set so we went to their room to check it out. Brian got back there first and started doing some bench presses. Eventually they put every weight they had on the bar and Brian was able to do one good rep. Then I tried. I'll try again some time.

We all trooped back to 1442 to finish dishes. We've got 4 people on dishes Friday night to speed things up so we can have more time to hang out. Gretchen and Joan went to the store and picked up ice cream (Tin Roof!), some toppings and libations. David was earlobe deep in a jigsaw puzzle all night, Dominoes were played, I perused the last Popular Science and shouted out fun facts over the famous "Howl Along" mix. Tom, Brian and I wrapped up the evening with a movie and then hit the hay, eagerly anticipating pancakes from Ruthanne at our meeting tomorrow.

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