Thursday, March 1, 2007

Quite a day

So "quite" was this day that this is going to be a short post so that I can get some sleep. I was nominated for the Texas Region of Home Delivery's "Star of the Week" by a member of the Region staff. In other words, on the men that came to our terminal last week took a look at all the work I had done to get files and processes where they needed to be that he decided to recommend me as the best employee of the region. Pretty neat. It's actually a decently big deal to be singled out like this. Star of the Week doesnt actually get awarded every week and it takes someone important thinking you've done a really excellent job to get nominated for one. It's like getting an A+ on a test you thought no one else knew you were taking. And it portends good things for my near future here. Odds of getting a promotion incline steeply when the region staff thinks you stand head and shoulders above everyone, even if only for a week. Praise God!


Thomas said...

Congrats, Joshua. I'm proud of you. Your light is shining and the Lord will be glorified.

mseale said...

Congratulations, Josh! As my Dad would say about employment, "You're the prize!"

Jeremy Osterhouse said...

Congratulations Josh.

I've read (or at least scanned) everything you've posted so far. It's been fun. Keep up the good work.

I'm curious, how much of a time commitment has it been for you to write so much and so often?

P.S. Ever since graduating from high school and going to a bunch of graduation parties, I always have to think twice about whether it's spelled "Congradulations" or "Congratulations."