Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Coming back up for air

I dont think anyone will be surprised if I point out that my life has gotten more busy since the whole "Star of the Week maybe new position" thing happened. I've essentially taken over all of the daily acitivities of myself and the co-worker on suspension and, as I may have mentioned, it's impossible to add more to my day and expect to have it all done in 8 hours or less. So I've been working longer days. Oh well, you got to give a little to get a lot.

This weekend was wonderful however. We had a birthday party several weeks late for Gretchen on Saturday evening and really had some fun. We brought our fire pit to the river and grilled some burgers and brots and so forth. Much fun was had.

We also had a very nice brunch on Sunday morning at Columbia Cafe. There was some news to shared and some fellowship to be had and some very very tasty food to devour. We proceeded to chill for a bit and then play 5 games of volleyball and have a serious calendar meeting. We have a meeting at the beginning of every month to plan out as much of the up-coming three months as we can. It's tiring.

David and I invited to Brian to join us at S'port Port for some indoor soccer on Sunday night. We played an intense gaming, bringing home a "W" after a couple very fine halves of play.

I began the process of scheduling oral surgery to remove all 4 of my wisdom teeth yesterday. Looks like it might not actually happen for about a month and a half due to work and home scheduling conflicts but the ball is officially rolling.

And now I can cross one more item off my list: "write a new blog post"

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