Monday, March 26, 2007

Forgive, please, I am but a man

So soon in the game i need to rely on the tired old "i was so tired and it was late i was tired..." excuse. But I'm not tired now so here's a little peek at life in the 'dale.

Widmo is safely ensconced in the new warehouse on Lakeshore Drive. It's a far superiour location with easy freeway access and within a 3 minute drive of our houses on Yale Ave. David, Tom, and Brian are very happy with that, as are we all.

I'm going to be officially moved to a new, higher position at FedEx this coming Thrusday. The Lord has really blessed my work for this company and I am most grateful for that.

I turned 24 last Wednesday. Me and Jack Bauer are good buddies. Friends and family from around the US let me know of their love and that was great. Also, I recieved several phone calls from fellow members of the Company wishing me happy birthday and it was good to be able to share some time with those guys.

The work in Indy continues to move forward. Nick, Rus and Jon recently hosted Abe Olson for a brief but productive stay. He was out there to look into some grad school possibilities and was, from what I understand, successful.

The lawnmower's in the shop, so's my bike, but no cars so that's good. now i am tired. 4:30 is still early the 16th time. praise god!

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mseale said...

Josh- good to get an update. Kudos on the usage of "ensconced." Oh words... how we love you.