Thursday, April 5, 2007

Quick progress update

I've gotten into the habit of working ridiculous hours at FedEx. Strictly speaking, this is not a habit but rather something I have defined as a necessity due to my strong desire to see to it that everything gets done right as soon as a possible. To accomplish that goal I must work 10-12 hours per day (sometimes more, unfortunately) during my Tuesday-Saturday week. This week, has thus far been particularly hectic.

However, and this is an enormouse "however", I got the new position that I have been looking for! If you were to run into someone today and say "Hey, close friend or acquaintance, do you know anyone who is a Service Manager at FedEx Home Delivery in Shreveport?" it is likely that they will say, "Why no, close friend or person I dont remember meeting, I don't know anyone who is a Service Manager at FedEx Home Delivery in Shreveport, especially if you're refering to the Shreveport in Louisiana." And then you could say, "Well let me enlighten you to the service managerial positions at FedEx HD in S'port, LA. This dude, Josh, my bud and long time homie, is currently the numero uno fulltime salaried getting paid a thoroughly decent wage guy there in Shreveport, LAlaland" and you would not be lying.

Praise God! He's blessed my work, given HD a great overall manager in Tim, my boss, and kept me sane throughout the trying month of March. Now we just need to get someone to fill my position in the week or so to get things back to normal.