Sunday, April 22, 2007

4 teeth lighter

That's right, no more wisdom. I had oral surgery on Friday afternoon to remove all four of my wisdom teeth. Getting knocked out was a pretty wild experience. I snapped out of it pretty quickly though and Nathan drove me home along with 2 of the 6 movies I've watched in the last couple days. Recovery is going quite well and I'm learning how to manage the pain and encourage the healing.

Work continues to improve. A bit more pressure than I was expecting for the first couple weeks at my new position but the rewards in experience and boosted paychecks are very helpful. It's good that I had been making enough money to start out with so that I dont have to rearrange my finances. I'll just increase my stage 12 payments and create a small "professional" category to pay for things like work lunches and the maintenance of a less hole-ly wardrobe.

Next big item on the schedule: Naomi's college graduation. I'll be flying to Portland on May 4th and staying out there til the 10th. Looking forward to it.

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Thomas said...

Sure has been a while. I know, you have nothing else to do with your time but perhaps a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly report??

you earthly father.