Saturday, March 10, 2007

Neuron smashings

I wish to liken my past week with the particle smashers in this world that scientists use to discover what really small particles are comprised of. Primarily, they find that they are composed of really really small particles. That is cool. Some of the really really small particles are very useful to expanding our knowledge of how really big stuff works. That is also cool.

So, I've been smashing my neurons for a week. The service manager at HD has quit, leaving a gaping hole in our staff. Precisely one third of our total mass is no longer present. Therefore, in the interest of puting my best Josh forward and also making my life easier (believe it or not) I've been working very hard.

I'm learning everything I can about everything that it is, or might be, my responsibility. I've been smashing my neurons, finding out what I'm capable of. I'm learning how fast I can learn and how well I can learn at that speed. It's real work. And I like it.

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