Saturday, March 10, 2007

Life loves back

I love life, I really do. Some parts of it and all of it. And it loves me back. When I tend to my life and to our life it returns the favor. What I mean is, when you declare Christ into the world He declares you back. What I mean is, when I declare "This household, these people, this community, this Lord, is the foundation of my life!" they all say to me "Be Josh as hard as you can and we love you for it!".

We've grown close down here in Allendale. Brian and Tom and Cathy and Liz, Gretchen and David and Joan and myself, Val and Ruth and Connie, Carra and Terry all went to watch a movie on a big screen at a Methodist church just outside of Benton, LA. We had muffalettas and pop (or soda, i forget which) and some excellent potato/fries/goodness. We all, from kids to adults, had a really good time.

Our life in household is so joyfully reaping the benefits of the life that has been and continues to be lived in the People of Praise. We are lead by leaders who have learned from leaders; we have been raised to pray by men and women who pray constantly; we know and love God because our forerunners in the People of Praise have been following his lead for decades. Only our dedication to Him and to our life do justice to the depth of our gratitude.

Hmm, that sounds pretty, well, heady. Oh well. I mean it.

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