Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Sunday

Laura Brummer's family arrived in town today. They're here to visit her and all of us and celebrate a little Christmas and do a little work. Her parents, Jeff and Dikka, are long-time members of People of Praise in Minnesota and have raised 10 kids, 6 of whom (including Laura) are now in Allendale.

We had a household meeting about all that we're planning for the next couple of weeks. Right now the household is working on creating and instituting systems by which we can sustain our life. There are so many areas of life that we want to concentrate on and so few of us to operate everything that we really need to formulate a common practice for many of the operations we need to do. Finances, food, cars and several other things are all slated for systemization.

Lord, help us do this well. Help us plan well, work with you and with each other, do what you do, the way you do it, with you.

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Thomas said...

Great to hear from you. Well done. Glad you're back. I for one will be a frequent visitor. God bless you !!!