Thursday, December 13, 2007

New every morning

Hey! I'm back with another rigidly timed daily update! Right, apologies to any and all who have read any previous post and have hoped for further updates. My mind and soul have come to a kind of mellowness, at long last, so that I have not only thought about writing another entry but have actually done so.

I am now the manager of Windows, Doors and More Outlet, a building supplies store at 2119 Lakeshore Dr, Shreveport, LA 71103 (that's for all of you with Google Maps access). I left FedEx Home Delivery to take on the task of running this business. There's one basic reason for that departure: the Lord needs me at WDMO (affectionately referred to as "Widmo").

Since August, much and much has changed here on Yale St. Nathan and Genevieve Barrett have married at a world-changingly beautiful ceremony in South Bend. Mass was packed from front to back and left to right with enthusiastic friends and family of these two missionaries and celebrations across the country reverberated with the power of that weekend.

One week later, with hardly a breath drawn, I made the Covenant of the People of Praise in South Bend. I placed material, spiritual and financial possessions at the service of those with whom I made the Covenant and they did the same for me. We are a family in Christ.

And, skipping over the 24 guests for the Lord's Day after Thanksgiving, door framing training from David Zimmel, arrivals and departures of Bud and Sharon Rose, Chris Vieck, Ellen Reed, and Brian Couch, the two new useful sturdy lovely tables in the dining room of 1442, the common office with it's glass-topped tables that we made in 2 days we arrive at now.

Praise God, for his unification with us here, for his interest and involvement in our lives, for his patience and faithfulness to us, for his endurance, for his true and constant love. See you all later.

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You could link the address for Windows, Doors and More Outlet to the google map.