Monday, December 17, 2007

Hit it running

Nice day today. Started out on the wrong side of the bed... the sleeping-in side. I missed morning prayer but woke with enough time to get prepped and ready for the day without rushing. Kind of bittersweet.

Slow morning, not a lot of activity. Caught a mouse in the glue trap, spoke with Bud Rose, my boss, about hiring a new guy to frame, did a little gchatting and emailage.

The afternoon saw some reorganization of the warehouse by Mickey as well as a very cool conversation with a man whose last name is X. Quite the guy, we had a serious talk.

Headed to Vincent, talked with my friend Gabe about his newborn baby girl (very cool), and hit the framing hard. Polished off two doors and got set to finish the rest of 'em.

Many people for dinner. Brummers, Seitzes, and the household at two large tables. Ruthanne cooked some ridiculous spaghetti and hit the spot that I needed hit. I gave the DL on WDMO. Jeff Brummer talked a bit about his work at a hospice house. We learned that Seth may or may not have beat Carl twice at Jenga. The discussion lacked some finality.

I then headed back to the warehouse on St. Vincent where the framing occurs. I finished the custom hinge and strike preps for one door and tacked on the threshold for an exterior door that I'll need to get a 15 lite insert in tomorrow. I then organized a ton of disorganized items from super glue to hinge screws.

Praise God! I got a cold sore! I'm getting close to the end of my rope! Bring it!


August said...

Maybe you just need more rope.
Everytime I hear or see that phrase I think of the brides waiting for the bridegroom. Prudence is still a virtue.

Josh said...

i think you're right on there, brother. more rope is on order. finding the end is the first step, hanging on is the next step, ordering more rope is the one after that. repeat til all things are one in Christ is the last step.