Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A break in the clouds

Thanks to much prayer the cold sore is in recession. I may yet reawaken it but I'm doing my darndest to keep it down.

I had a fruitful conversation with a great customer today that really saved me a lot of work. Still not all caught up but time should heal that wound. I can feel things moving smoother all the time.

The framing guy did well today, worked hard and is cool with the work schedule I proposed. I look for him to start making a big difference in '08.

Brummers remain a joy to have in the household. Ben and I continued our Jenga grudge match, I continue to trounce him. He has been close to tears but I will not let that stop me. We built a house together with the blocks after his 3rd defeat. Friendship is a guarantee.

One more day of framing; it needs to go very well. Then.... bring on the Christmas rest-fest.

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