Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bullet points

Windows, Doors and More Outlet
  • My former part-time employee is no longer with me.  He was doing very well and deserved more money than I could afford to pay him and about a month ago I was able to get him a full-time job elsewhere.  We still communicate and I think he will continue to progress.
  • I was able to hire a new part-time guy. He will eventually be in charge of all the framing for us.  He's learned very quickly and was able to frame a double out-swing door by himself over the weekend with only 3 phone calls to me and 1 minor, easily fixable error.  Thank you Lord!
  • The new warehouse that we're planning is held up in red tape.  The Holy Spirit has the scissors.

  • Paul Nathan Barrett was born August 30th. I think that makes him the youngest citybuilder.
  • New weekly (or bi-weekly or some iteration of weekly) calendar goes into effect Monday
  • Many of us have made trips to MN and IN for celebrations centered on folks making the covenant of the People of Praise for the first time.  I very much enjoyed being present at both events and thereby trebling the number of times I recited the covenant with my brothers and sisters.  The Kingdom has advanced.
  • We now have an mp3 player that can take Rhapsody out into the kitchen and cars and chores and framing etc. A nice addition.
  • Tom, Nathan and I have been doing PT and personal prayer together and Tom and I have been doing night prayer together as well, all of which was Nathan's idea.  My life is more full of Christ now.
  • The Deakins were gone for a bit on vacation and I'm glad they've returned. Patti and I shared stories about Joel Kibler and Gerry and talked about landscaping. It's good to have them back!
Some reflecting
  • I've had fun remembering that there's a camera in my phone. Trying to imagine enlightening perspectives of events that are important to me is fun. As is imagining helpful photos to take, such as the locations of dishes in our drawers and cupboards.
  • I got a fresh batch of sunflower seeds.  My five gallon bucket from the summer is all gone.
  • Thanks, Jon, for clearing up some writing ideas! 

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