Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Frustrations abound

When you can't plan because customers can't make up there minds and then 1.5 hours later you've totally lost track of where you were going with your day and then you find out that there's been several hitches in the plans you already made and you have to go run a long errand only to find out that you're going to have to run it again.... how to do you get to sleep?

I'll tell you. you have dinner with your best friends. you talk about their days, tell them about yours, realize that everyone at work actually learned a lot that they needed to learn today.

you let it go a little. then you plan to talk to more guys, see if their interested in joining you in your work.

hours before you were wondering how anyone thought you'd be any good at training people and here you are trying to find ways to get more people.

the you turn on some good music, find a good blog, take it in. write your own. read some comics. tell the Lord all about it. *(hint: it's good to do this more often)

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