Friday, August 24, 2007

The best laid plans

Now, the end of August, our household has taken a look at itself and found that half of us were not in Allendale for the last few months. And no one in that group has spent more than 9 consecutive months here at any time. So we have a situation where we need to start making some plans and laying some new foundations.

That's all good fun though. The newest folks in the HH are Laura Brummer, Jeanette Zimmel, Genevieve DeCelles, Brian Couch and Tom Duddy. None of them could described as rookies to this kind of work. We have a high powered group here, in fact, and all of us are in search of ways to out do the others in love and service of one another. It's a friendly competition, involving only nominal amounts of pranking and struggles for control of the throw pillows.

Brian took an amazing picture of a wasp caught in a spider web.

Tom has started attending nursing classes.

Nathan's been working on action items for the HH to discuss.

He and Genevieve are planning their wedding with great fervor.

Joan's got two kinds of school going on at once.

Cathy has been working on a new menu plan for a new year.

And I'm behind on everything. That's what lunch time and days off are for though.

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